Lenovo G5 major issue and solution 

Lenovo G5 Fixes

The Lenovo G5 and G5 plus are the great new addition in the Lenovo G series mobiles but it does not mean that it has not any issue. Although Lenovo mobiles are very good it has the great performance in the Indian market. When this G5 mobile comes in the market than many thought there should be no issue in these but Lenovo G5 proved them wrong. The Lenovo G5 and G5 plus have many issues like its erratic Wi-Fi connectivity, an issue with the turbocharger. There is also some problem with there is background noise in the videos. Here I am going to give you the solution for the issue but after this, if your issue is not solved then please feel free visit us for the  Lenovo support number

Here are some common issue in the Lenovo G5 and G5 plus. 
1.      Wi-Fi issue 
There is some issue in the Lenovo G5 and G5 plus phone Wi-Fi connectivity get disconnected from the Wi-Fi network and get reconnected after a few time. This issue is coming in some part of India, UK, and United State is also affected by this bug. There are no particular fixes for this issue but you can try this. 
Ø  Forget your network then go to setting select your home Wi-Fi network and add it manually again. 
Ø  If removing and adding does not work for your selected home Wi-Fi, then try resetting the network setting. 
2.      Running out of storage 
The Lenovo G5 and G5 plus comes with the 16 GB of storage. This is based on your location. But the phone has the dedicated micro SD card slot. This mobile spots up to 128GB of storage card you can simply move your media files and the some of the apps into your SD card and keep free your internal storage. 
3.      Turbo charging problem 
Fast charger provides the higher voltage to your phone and as a result, your phone gets charged quickly. Lenovo takes just 30 min to charge from 5% to 80% and takes another 45 min to reach 80% to 100% mark. 
If you are not seeing the turbo charging icon when you connect your Lenovo G5 to the charger then you can directly get a new charger from the Lenovo store or you can contact us for the support number of  Lenovo customer support  executives. 
There is also some another issue with this Lenovo G5 and G5 plus but these are the major issue that is associated with this phone.